Vision - Transforming Community

The vision is the dream we want to come true in this place.  Our vision statement is short – only two words in length so that it can be remembered. It reflects scripture (i.e., Romans 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 5:17). And it is measurable: we tell stories of how lives are being transformed (e.g., marriages healed, families restored, addictions broken, etc.) by the Lord as we do life with one another in community.  The dream we want to come true at The Creek is simply transforming community.


Mission - Engage The Lost, Make Disciples, Show Compassion

The mission is how the dream can come true. When we study the life of Jesus, He transformed the lives of people in a simple, yet powerful way. Jesus encountered people who were far from God because he came to seek and to save the lost. After meeting them in their world, He made them into His disciples, inviting them to follow after Him.  Moreover, He did this with compassion. To that end, we have a simple, yet powerful three-part strategy (i.e., mission) to make our dream come true. 


Core Values - We value:

  • The Bible as our final authority
  • Being a holy people
  • Being culturally relevant
  • Being faithful stewards
  • Excellence in all things

The values are the environment in which the dream comes true. We refer to these as our core values because they are essential to us. Like the operating system of a computer, we operate according to five rank-ordered core values. We abide by these values when making ministry decisions.