We are common people. When looking over the crowd at The Creek, we are not exceptionally wealthy, highly educated, or overtly significant. We are common, yet there are some uncommon traits about us. Click the links in the headlines to read a story about our people.

  • We are intergenerational
    We intentionally integrate the generations in unique and creative ways so that the more than 1,000 young people here can have those who are older investing in their lives relationally.
  • We are responsive.
    When a challenge is given or a need is made known, we give of our time, our talents, our financial resources and more to meet needs of people, both here and around the world.
  • We are generous.
    The people of The Creek are incredibly generous. Not only do we respond to specific needs, we also give away roughly a quarter of a million dollars each year to people in our community who need help. 
  • We are loyal.
    Expect a sea of blue and some shifting of attendance when the Colts are playing. And expect people to show the same kind of loyalty to The Creek as they do to their teams. We have hundreds of people who serve every week. Many have taken ownership of their roles and we couldn't do ministry without them.
  • We are teachable.
    We are receptive to strong preaching and teaching, as we believe the Word will transform our lives as we become “doers and not remain mere hearers” of Scripture.
  • We are rural and urban.
    You could be invited to someone's farm to pick sweet corn or to a hipster coffee shop downtown...in the same day. You could - like nearly 70 Creekers - give an hour each week to tutor students at IPS School 15, an inner city elementary school. The growing contrast between the two means that our ethnic diversity will also continue to grow in the years ahead.

These are just a few of the uncommon traits that stand out about us.  We aspire for the same observation to be made of us that was made of Peter and John: “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and took note that these men had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).