The 2015-2016 operating budget is $5.7 million. Of that:

  • 49% is Compensation & Benefits
  • 14% is Global Outreach
  • 10% is Debt Service
  • 9% is Building and Grounds
  • 5% is Administration
  • The remainder is divided among ministry teams and multi-site development


We currently carry a debt under $4.7 million. In 2015, we've completed a refinance that will allow us to have the debt paid off in the next 10 years.

We've adopted a practice that we no longer borrow money. We now pay cash for all of our projects. Debt is dead weight on our backs. When we are free from debt, we'll be able to maximize our impact in other ministry areas.



We have a staff of 40 ministers, directors, and administrative support staff. View the complete list.


Elder Governance

The Creek began a journey to health in the early 1990s when we realized that our internal structure (i.e., polity) was not as effective as we had hoped. We began studying the role and function of Elders in the New Testament church and discovered that The Creek—like many Restoration Churches—patterned our internal structure more after the American form of government (i.e., elected officials filling a stated term, observing Roberts’ Rules of Order, have three branches of leadership in Elders, Deacons and Staff, etc.) than we did following the pattern in the New Testament. 

Our journey resulted in the development of what we call Elder Governance. The Creek is led by a team of Elders who delegate both responsibility and authority to our ministry staff to lead The Creek from day to day. Our Elders oversee four—and only four—primary responsibilities: 

  • establishing policy
  • leading the ministry of prayer and the Word
  • providing pastoral care
  • providing protection of the church.

For more details about Elder Governance, read our white paper about Church Polity.