Life In Indy

Indianapolis/Marion County is the twelfth largest city in the United States, and it is by-far one of our country’s most livable big cities.  For those who reside and work here, our Indianapolis has a quality about it that makes even the heart of a bustling downtown feel like home.  Visitors are drawn from all over the globe to enjoy our top-notch professional sports venues, a thriving convention industry and numerous cultural attractions. And when they arrive, they too experience the Hoosier character and hospitality that make Indianapolis special. [Source:]

Indianapolis is a great place to relocate. With one of the lowest costs of living among large cities in the nation, incomes reach much further than just about anywhere else.

New York $82,985

Boston $80,398

Seattle $70,945

Indianapolis $50,000

San Francisco $81,589

Los Angeles $71,841


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