If we were to describe our ideal candidate, he would look like this:

  • He's a mature disciple. He has a deep and profound relationship with Jesus that impacts his life every day. He models Jesus in handling crises, knowing Scripture, practicing disciplines, and relating with others.
  • His personal life is an outpouring of his relationship with Jesus. His marriage is healthy, his finances are secure, he understands the importance of rest and close relationships.
  • He's a disciple-maker. He has demonstrated an ability to lead people in their relationship with Christ in a relational, flexible, intentional, and holistic way.
  • He's a gifted speaker who is humbled to present God's Word. He can connect with an audience and help them apply deep truths to their ordinary lives.
  • He's confident leading a large staff, more committed to empowering his team than doing everything on his own.
  • He's self-aware enough to know his strengths and weaknesses and has a desire to grow in both.
  • He's excited about our vision and committed to making it come true. He has new and innovative ideas that inspire our staff and congregation to work together to glorify God.

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